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This fully immersive experience will be your toughest adventure yet.

You start your adventure as Archaeology students, out in the field in Finland, where you'll get a message from Lara Croft. She has made a deadly discovery about a powerful ancient artifact, and wants you to join her in ensuring it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Escape a sinking ship, explore the jungles of Costa Rica, discover an ancient tomb and battle a secret order. This brand-new adrenaline fuelled attraction is complete with beautiful scenic worlds, includes live actors and characters from the Tomb Raider franchise. 

Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience gives YOU the opportunity to become the hero, and let out your inner Lara Croft. Work through real life puzzles, collect relics, brave the zipline, and outsmart the enemies in this unique adventure.

Whilst there is a lot for Tomb Raider fans to enjoy, you do not need to be a Tomb Raider to enjoy the experience. If you are a fan of puzzles, escape rooms, challenges, theatre, immersive attractions, thrill seeking, or just looking for something exciting to do - there will be something for you here!

10th May 2022

Previews running from 3rd May 2022

Your main adventure will last around 90 minutes, but you should expect to be in the attraction for around 2 hours.

We are in the heart of Camden Stables market, just a six minute walk from Camden Town Underground station, six minutes from Chalk Farm Underground Station, and ten minutes from Camden Road Overground station.


Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience

Lower Basement and Upper Basement Atrium Building

Stables Market




Comfortable clothing, so that you are ready for action!


Activewear, t-shirts and trainers are ideal. We advise against wearing shorts or dresses due to the physical nature of the attraction.


Footwear must have a flat sole and be strongly secured to your feet, toes must be covered. Shoes and sandals with high heels and open toes are strictly prohibited.


Hair should be tied back and any loose jewellery or items, including smart watches and phones, should be placed in the lockers provided.

Each team will be made up of 8 heroes, perfect for an adventure!

You are welcome to book as many tickets as you would like - if this is less than 8 you may be joined by others, who will surely become friends for life.

If there are more than 8 of you, you will play in separate teams, and then you can compare notes in Croft Manor bar at the end!

Yes, we have lockers for small bags, coats and other valuables. We advise against bringing suitcases or travel bags.

Tomb Raiders need to be aged 12 and above. Under 18s will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Unfortunately, you cannot play if you are pregnant.

We want as many people to experience the attraction as possible, so provisions are being made so that the attraction is accessible for all guests. As each accessibility need is unique, we will be working with guests individually and would encourage a chat with our friendly Guest Services team prior to booking.

They can be reached on 

Tickets range from £44 - £79 per person, depending on the time and date you book for.

She’ll be there to guide. But it’s your time to be the hero.

You are your own greatest weapon! For the most part, you will be using your sharp mind and your fearless wit to defend yourself. You may need to fire a crossbow, however…

You can have a soft drink, but you must not be under the influence of any alcohol whilst playing the experience.

If you are 18+ you are very welcome to a stiff drink afterwards!

England’s capital is where it starts. Who knows where your next adventure will be?

Whilst there is no weight limit to play Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience, our Zipline and Leap of Faith activities have a weight limit of 136kg/21.4 st.


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