The Experience


Arriving in the snowy climes of Finland, your adventure truly begins! As students of Archaeology, you are scheduled to be briefed by Lara at the dig site. Once in the cabin, you’ll use your surroundings to solve four puzzles and grab the relics on offer. Don’t get lost in translation, right the wrongs you see, have a poke around and make sure the process isn’t a slow burner. You’ll make your escape by truck but, have no fear, you’ll get the chance to defend yourself...

Sinking Ship

You and your crew navigate your way around the shipping containers on the cargo ship, rummaging through the treasures and produce in order to find valuable clues! Be old school and go for your five a day, get to the pressure before it gets to you and know that communication is key. Sabotage is never far away, though... ever get that sinking feeling?


Costa Rican jungle

The grounds of Croft manor have nothing on this … the Costa Rican Jungle will cause you to climb, run, jump, zip and swing your way through your quest. 

The Tomb

It’s all been building up to this. It’ll take all the skills you’ve learnt on your journey so far. Make your way to the ancient tomb and battle it out with the enemy. Will you restore balance and order to the world again or will it all come crashing down…?


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