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A New Immersive London Experience

An Immersive London Experience

Discover the unforgettable with an immersive experience in the centre of London. If you’re looking for the unusual and the exciting, laced with luxury and dedicated to groups seeking the quirky above the ordinary, you can book tickets for a unique London experience at Tomb Raider Live.

It’s the immersive experience that delivers a shot of adrenaline fuelled adventure. Open when you want it – weekdays and weekends, evenings and daytime. Designed for adults to let your hair down and make the most of time out in London, our immersive experience calls to your adventurous side. It’s a must do event for the daring and the smart where you challenge your wits to enjoy the unusual and emerge triumphant, ready to explore the sights, sounds and culture of London in 2022.

Great as a gift or a shared experience for groups, Tomb Raider Live is an unforgettable day out in the heart of the capital. Find out more at Tomb Raider Live, and book your tickets for a unique London experience.


Unique Corporate Events London

Looking for a team event to remember for all the right reasons? Be part of the immersive adventure in the heart of London with Tomb Raider Live.

An adult adventure with a quirky angle, it’s time to take time out in London with a corporate day with a difference. When you’re looking for corporate event hire in London that will take your team to the next level, it’s time to challenge their brains and test their mettle with the unique adventure that is Tomb Raider Live.

It’s an unforgettable experience to bring out the best in your team on weekends or weekdays, daytime or evenings. An immersive adventure to keep your team on their toes and a challenge for the best of us, dare to explore the centre of London with an unforgettable corporate day out that brings together theatre, music, and the quirky side of life we all love.

An Unforgettable Group Experience

For a group experience with a dynamic difference and an unforgettable day out in London, this is the place to be. Immersive, creative, and dedicated to adventure, Tomb Raider Live is the best way to exercise both your muscles and your mind with evolving challenges to test the best of us.

A unique adult adventure available for groups to book on weekends and weekdays, high-days and holidays, you and your friends will discover things about each other that you’ll remember for ever. With quirky challenges and in-depth adventures, all in a luxury setting that’s a must do day out for groups of adults in the heart of London.

Looking for things to do in 2022? Tomb Raider Live is the top of the list for unusual and exciting experiences for the best time out in London. Take a group of friends or family for a fabulous day out to challenge you all in the unforgettable event of the year!


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