Pumpkin Carving!

It's spooky season! One of our favourite Halloween activities is good old Pumpkin carving and our Elemental Relics lend themselves perfectly to a unique pumpkin design. Check out some of the ways you could use the elemental symbols to carve yourself a Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience themed pumpkin this year!

Air relic pumpkin

The Air Relic consists of three line, one straight and two hooked, showing the movement of a stiff breeze! Found mostly in a cabin in Finland, and the first relics you'll discover on your adventure.

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Water, yes, you guessed it, has two wavy lines. Simple, yet elegant.

Discover these relics as you make your way across the Atlantic Ocean, in a ship that definitely won't sink.

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Water relic pumpkin
Earth relic pumpkin

How does one represent earth as a symbol? As a circle, of course!

This is for those of you who just don't have the time to commit to carving wavy lines.

Find Earth Relics in the Cananza Caves.

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Saving the best 'til last, FIRE! Burning bright in an orange pumpkin, this symbol lights the way. Maybe the most challenging, but, let's face it, probably the prettiest.

The Fire Relics can be found in the Jungle.

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Fire relic pumpkin


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